Discovery Economic Consulting has been providing economic advice to the legal community in British Columbia, Canada since 1984. Our firm has developed many computerized methods for calculating values needed to estimate loss of earnings, costs of care, tax gross-ups, and pension valuations.

This website provides brief explanations of some of the considerations involved in obtaining economic valuations in claims related to personal injury, wrongful dismissal, and matrimonial separation.

“Discovery Economic Consulting has always provided our firm with intelligent, readable and cogent economic reports in a timely manner.”
Christopher M. Considine, Q.C.
Considine and Company

“Discovery Economic Consulting consistently provides our clients with innovative and creative solutions in complex cases. Their powerpoint presentations provide jurors with clear and easy to understand formulas for complex actuarial calculations.”
Sean Sweeney
Acheson Whitley Sweeney Foley

“… we would like to extend to you our appreciation for all of your advice and assistance and particularly, for the prompt way in which you were able to provide your reports on such notice.  Your reports were very beneficial to the resolution of this case.”
Michael O’Connor
McConnan Bion O’Connor & Peterson

“I certainly appreciate the expertise you bring to bear on your reports but even more so I appreciate your alacrity, guidance, suggestions and musings, leading up to the drafting of your reports.”
James C.M. Main
Johns Southward Glazier Walton & Margetts

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